Project financing (pure cooperations, grants)

A third party provides financial or material support for one of Kiel University’s research projects and receives no formulated service in return. No actual contracts are often signed in this case - rather the investor offers the funds in a letter to the head of the project. The results are generally freely available to both parties (except for intellectual property such as inventions).

Cooperation agreements

  1. In order to be able to clearly define projects - especially within a working group - the framework and contents of the task must be clearly described.
  2. There are no regulations on intellectual property rights in a cooperation project.
  3. Teaching and research are the fundamental tasks of universities. Publishing project results is not restricted in cooperation projects.
  4. In business relationships between companies, the liability is almost always limited by the share capital or the value of the company, at least. Kiel University is a corporation under public law, which means that liability limits in projects must be agreed on by contract.
  5. Legal framework parameters (such as EU state aid regulations) specify the following procedure when calculating costs for cooperation projects:

The head of the project calculates the necessary expenditure (e.g. staff costs, infrastructure) based on content-related coordination with the contractual partner (e.g. the research contents) and sends the calculation, together with the description of the project’s content and, if applicable, a draft contract from the contracting authority, to the Technology Transfer department (Division F15). You can find a template for a cooperation agreement with Kiel University, german only

 Vorlage für einen Kooperationsvertrag der CAU (.doc - nur Intern).

  1. The Technology Transfer department will have a tax assessment conducted in every case.

The contracts must be checked and signed by both the University Board (administration) as well as the responsible scientist (e.g. head of the institute).

Model of a Cooperation Agreement between Academic Research Institutions and Commercial Enterprise in english your can find here under 41.026e

You can find information for Kiel University’s scientists in our CAU-internal section, german only CAU-internen Bereich.