Research at Kiel University

Kiel University sees itself as a university of dynamic, interacting academic cultures, which considers the dialogue between the disciplines and approaches an essential prerequisite for understanding and solving complex issues of our time. Topics such as health, nutrition, the environment, climate and societal development are consistently dealt with on a trans- and interdisciplinary basis. Our fundamental research is the basis for future innovations and the committed transfer of knowledge and technology. Ethical principles, good scientific practice and excellent working conditions for researchers are of great importance for first-rate research.  We are working towards continually refining these areas, for instance by means of our Human Resources Strategy for Researchers, which defines and implements the basic principles of the European Charter for Researchers at Kiel University.

Our research is visible in multifaceted individual research, in coordinated research projects and in the three ongoing projects of the German Excellence Initiative. Over the past few years, four cross-faculty priority research areas have been established throughout the University that are distinguished by their interdisciplinary approach, intensive research activity and high-level publications. These priority research areas gave rise to the four draft proposals with which Kiel University is applying for Clusters of Excellence within the framework of the German Excellence Strategy.