Early Career Researchers

Das Bild zeigt eine Wattszenerie. Im Fordergrund stehen zwei Mädchen, das linke der beiden hält einen Regenwurm hoch. Im Hintergrund stehen unscharf eine Wissenschaftlerin und zwei Wissenschaftler, die Wattforschung betreiben. Foto: Daniel Obradovic © Uni Kiel
Photo: Daniel Obradovic © Kiel University

Kiel University feels particularly obliged to support early career researchers and offers them a range of coordinated funding programmes, in addition to the Graduate Center, which serves as a platform for all doctoral candidates at Kiel University, and the Postdocs Online Portal for all postdoc graduates. A Postdoc Centre which is available to postdoctoral researchers and offers diverse support services in an often insecure job situation between doctoral degree and professorship, or the start of a non-academic career, has already been approved and will start its work this year.