Application Procedure


Would you like to apply for an EU or international research project?

Please inform the EU Office immediately if you plan to submit an application. We will check the funding conditions, the budget and the administrative details for you. We will also help you with tips and hints to increase your chances.

Please note that each application must be officially approved by the Research Division prior to submission. This also applies to pre-proposals in two-stage procedures.

Horizon Europe / Horizon 2020

Applications in the EU Framework Programme are submitted via the online portal of the European Commission - Research Participant Portal. Please contact us at the EU Office for the CAU PIC number. Together with the National Contact Points of the BMBF we will assist you with your application.


In Interreg projects only one share of financing will be granted at a time. Depending on the programme line, 50% to 75% of the costs will be granted. The applicant institute must provide the corresponding co-financing, i.e. its own share. Therefore, particularly careful budget planning in consultation with the EU Office is necessary.

Other international programmes

In order to help you quickly, you need to inform us of your application as soon as possible: we need the name of the respective funding programme as well as a link to the current call for proposals.