The Research Profile at Kiel University

Kiel University is a comprehensive university which explicitly encourages and fosters the dynamic interaction between its different academic cultures. Our inter- and transdisciplinary research is based on the excellent, thematically and methodologically diverse joint and individual research in our eight faculties.  Close interdisciplinary cooperation on topics that are of major relevance to society such as climate change, health and human development enables our researchers to find new, sustainable answers to urgent questions and to successfully raise third-party funding for joint projects. Kiel University regards itself as a vital part of society and as an important engine for responsible development.

As a result of the strategic promotion of interdisciplinary research projects, four cross-faculty priority research areas have developed in Kiel over the last years.

These priority research areas are closely linked to the Clusters of Excellence and our Excellence Graduate School. In the standing committee on research, spokespersons from the priority research areas, the clusters of excellence and the Deans of the faculties consult, together with the University Board, on strategic developments in research at Kiel University. One of our declared aims is to further develop this integrative model for cutting-edge university research and to make proven ideas, methods or structures which arise in third-party funded research useful for the entire university and for society.

Priority research areas and Clusters of Excellence:

Research areas:


Clusters of Excellence: