Material transfer agreements (MTAs)

Material transfer agreements (MTAs) regulate the exchange of material samples and substances (e.g. plasmids, cell lines, antibodies) between Kiel University and research institutes (including companies) in connection with ongoing or planned joint research.
If the materials are to be provided for free or for a contribution towards expenses, the head of the institute must produce a justification regarding Kiel University’s interests. Otherwise a fair market price must be calculated.
The MTA regulates the rights and obligations of the supplier and the recipient, so MTAs must also be checked and signed by both the University Board (administration) as well as the responsible scientist (e.g. head of the institute).

In addition, a brief risk assessment of the material to be shipped/received by the scientist is required prior to signing, which may be made available by e-mail to the Technology Transfer Unit.
Material Transfer Agreements template in english (only internal)

Material Transfer Agreement Template (.doc - nur Intern)