Non-disclosure agreements

In non-disclosure agreements – NDAs, or confidential disclosure agreement - CDAs, the contractual parties agree that information which is passed on in the future must be treated confidentially. An NDA is often concluded before collaboration in order to avoid any information being misused in the event that the contract negotiations fail.
If information belonging to both contractual parties is disclosed, it should be ensured that a mutual NDA is drawn up.
In business relationships between companies, the liability is almost always limited by the share capital or the value of the company, at least. Kiel University is a corporation under public law, which means that liability limits in NDAs must be agreed on by contract.
NDAs must be checked and signed by both the University Board (administration) as well as the responsible scientist (e.g. head of the institute).
Template for non-disclosure agreements
Non-disclosure agreement template (german only - only internal)

Geheimhaltungsvereinbarung Vorlage (.doc - nur Intern)