The way to invention disclosure

Would you like to register an invention which you, as an employee of Kiel University, have already drafted?

Are you unsure as to whether or not your invention is patentable?

We have put together detailed information on invention disclosure which will make it easier for you to write an invention report. Rules on the procedure you can find here

Regulations for property rights at the CAU (.pdf, only internal access)

Please contact the Technology Transfer team at Kiel University as early as possible to assess patentability, so that research on innovations of your invention can be carried out.

Please fill out the invention report form carefully and contact the Technology Transfer team.

You can find the invention report form for the Technology Transfer team at Kiel University here

Invention disclosure form (pdf, only internal access)

Kiel University is committed to presenting its intellectual property rights to the general public in order to significantly increase marketing opportunities.

If you are considering starting a business based on your invention, then confidently turn to the ZfE Center for Entrepreneurship at the CAU.